NellieNobody NellieNobody
I have been applying Pearl-ex into molds using Q-Tips before casting plastic resin pieces. This works fine for some things. But I would like to apply a more uniform coating, perhaps using some sort of dry spray technique. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Have you tried just filling the mold with the Pearl-ex and emptying the excess back into the container. The Pearl-ex should adhere to the sides of the mold pretty effectively. You could also try passing it down through an airbrush but you will be limited on the size of pigment that will pass through the brush.
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Karlene-Frances Karlene-Frances
How do we determine the size of the pigment particles (mica particles?) in each color of Pearl-Ex? I keep reading references to the particle size, but never an explanation.

I need to know because I use various PE colors in the shimmer mists that I make. Thanks.
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