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Can you please help? I purchased a Spandex fabric (4 way stretch) it feels like nylon/leather on one side, and regular fabric on the other side. The color is a deep blue-purple color, and I would really rather it be a purple color. Is there any way I can dye this fabric to make it more of a purple color? I'm afraid since it's spandex nylon and a dark color, that I might not be able to do this. But I would really like to try. Thank you in advance for your ideas/suggestions!
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Hi Doris,

The only dyes that would work for this fabric are either the iDye Poly or Acid dye. The biggest issue is that both require significant heat in order to effectively dye nylon and some spandex don't hold up well to heat.
You might want to test a piece of the fabric - put it into a pot and bring it to a boil for about 10 minutes and then check it to see how well the fabric held up.

If the fabric does well then the next step will be to determine exactly what the fabric content is - if it is indeed all nylon & spandex then either dye will work, but I would recommend you to the Acid dye. If there is any polyester in the fabric then you'll want to use the iDye Poly.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to write.
Links to the two dyes:

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