I'd like to dye an off-white, silk (30%)/linen(70%) dress.  The fabric is dry clean only, which suggests I should keep it at cool temperature, but I'm not sure.  I think Procion MX is the right dye as it can handle both silk and linen.  However, the directions say to substitute acid (e.g. vinegar) in place of soda ash for silk dying.  I have both silk and linen, so I don't know if I should use the soda ash or the vinegar.  Anyone out there have insight or experience to share?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You know silk garments almost always say dry clean only.  Unless there are a bunch of pleats and structural parts to it that would unfold, I think you should heat it up and use Idye.  

The issue is that using procion acidified is not going to work at all on that linen.  It probably won't dye.  If it does,it wont match the silk.  

So the move is to use IDye in hot water, maybe don't go all the way to 180F 80 C and keep it just really hot water from the tap or heat on low on the stove.  

What color are you doing?  IF you are trying to dye black that is going to be the hardest.  IF you are going to do a pure blue or green or something you will have better luck.  

I would add the salt to the IDye for sure after 10 min, and then dye for 40 min or so, then add vinegar at the end in the last 10 min for the silk.  

IF you heat it up slowly, you will be fine.  The biggest issue with heating something is quick temp changes from cold to hot really fast.  If you avoid quick transitions like that you should be fine.  
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