jjhowell jjhowell
I have an Ivory and navy blue striped shirt made of cotton, modal, and elastane. I don't love how light the ivory stripe is and wanted to try dyeing it to a bronze or antique gold look (which would look great with the Navy). I know the coloring would affect the navy - but will it totally take the navy out?

I am also not sure on which color I really want to try, and I don't have a test fabric available. If I start with one color and don't like it can I re-dye it? Or somehow take some of the color out to try the other color? Is there a way to get better color examples of the different dyes?
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theengel theengel
Tie dying is probably not the way to go. You can dye certain areas, but not cleanly. The dye will leak over into the blue. And once you dye it, that's it. You can change the color by adding color, but there's no real way to erase it.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The problem is the Navy will become a dark green if you dye the whole thing yellow.

You could paint the stripes in with Dye na flow. That would keep the color from getting to the Navy.

You could maybe use solar fast dye yellow, and paint it in the areas you want colored as evenly as you could and expose to sun. That would dye only the area you want.

You would also thicken procion mx with sodium alginate the areas you want yellow. Bag it overnight and it would dye only the ivory areas.

I think #2 might be the easiest.
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