rogue2010 rogue2010
I applied no-flow over the area where I wanted 2 colors to meet, but not mix. I must not have applied enough, because after applying just my first color (yellow), it bled beyond that "line" in many parts.

Now I have a dyed yellow area and I want a crisp line between the yellow and the green. I have not yet set the dye. Is my best bet to: wash it out and start over? Apply even more no flow over that area and start doing the green and hope it works?

I must not have understood fully how to obtain the crisp clean line where the colors meet.

(However, I must say, the shade of yellow is fantastic!)
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
A couple of things may have happened here.
If the No-Flow was not fully dry when you applied the DNF it will dissolve the No-Flow and bleed. There may also not have been sufficient No-Flow on the Fabric to hold the color.
The DNF once dry will not unfortunately wash out completely so we need to try another tactic. The good news is the DNF when completely dry acts a bit like No-Flow and prevents other colors from spreading.
I would apply more NO-Flow and paint very cautiously when you get close to the yellow.
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rogue2010 rogue2010
I just wanted to post something for the benefit of any future readers.

I think I applied the no-flow too conservatively. So what I did next was put a LOT of it on. Then I remarked where I wanted my yellow to end (and widened the area where the yellow would be by about .5-1" per side.) Then after the no flow as completely dry, I redid the yellow. I was much more careful this time and didn't dip much dye on my brush. It dried without bleeding. Then, because the yellow took differently this time, I had to do a few more layers of yellow over that area so that it matched up with the rest. It turned out great!

I then applied the green on the other side of the yellow. It worked alright. I avoided any bleeding but since it is a darker color, it is a bit more obvious when it takes unevenly and requires more dye. I currently have it about as even as I think I am going to get it. Unfortunately, the dye does not want to take anymore where the no-flow is, and so I think I'm kind of SOL there. I guess it will just have to do.
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