ElizabethMartin ElizabethMartin
Hi, I have some shiny 82%nylon 18%lycra (swimwear fabric) that I will be airbrushing with Lumiere paints.

I don't have a clothes dryer to set the paint, and as it is a large area, I would prefer not to use my hairdryer.
I'm pretty sure I can't iron straight onto the fabric.

Does anyone have suggestions about how I can set the paint?
I was thinking, perhaps putting something like a thin towel between the iron, and the fabric?

Any idea on roughly how long it takes to set the paint?
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Eliazbeth,

Welcome to our Forum!
There are a couple of things that you can do to set the paint on this fabric. Your idea of using a thin towel between the iron and fabric will work. Iron until the fabric is quite warm to the touch, generally about 30 seconds to a minute, keeping in mind the delicacy of your fabric.
Another way to go about this is to add our Air Fix product to the paint before the application. Then you simply allow the paint to cure for 72 hours and, voila, all done!

Have fun!
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ElizabethMartin ElizabethMartin
Thank you so much!
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