How do I mix coral with I-Dye for natural fabrics?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

3.5 parts Deep Orange

1 Scarlet

.5 True Red

Now to look really coral, you need to make sure it is pastel enough.  That means you need about 1% dye I think.  That means for 1lb of fabric you need about one teaspoon of dye.  

You could also try simplifying this formula and just use the True red.  1.5 parts.  True red instead of using scarlet too.  It will still be close.  Make sure you test this to make sure you and I are in agreement with the way the final color looks.  I have mixed coral a lot and it is tricky because if it is too dark, it just looks like scarlet and if it is too orange it doesn't look like coral ata ll.  

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