Hi there, I'd like to mix a coral color using as few colors as possible (because I'm dying one nylon bralette, so it doesn't make sense to buy a lot of dye). I searched the forum and did find instructions for a coral, but this was for iDye Natural; wondering if it's the same for iDye Poly?

(Also, I was susprized by the instructions because I thought it would be pink + orange, or pink + yellow?)
The coral I'd like to achieve is in the range of the middle one, to the one on the right of that. (image below)

Thanks in advance! 

3.5 parts Deep Orange
1 Scarlet
.5 True Red

Now to look really coral, you need to make sure it is pastel enough.  That means you need about 1% dye I think.  That means for 1lb of fabric you need about one teaspoon of dye.  

You could also try simplifying this formula and just use the True red.  1.5 parts.  True red instead of using scarlet too.  It will still be close.  Make sure you test this to make sure you and I are in agreement with the way the final color looks.  I have mixed coral a lot and it is tricky because if it is too dark, it just looks like scarlet and if it is too orange it doesn't look like coral ata ll.  

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
yeah there are lots of ways to mix Coral.  Red and Yellow at it's most basic is true.  

The problem with Coral is if you are off a bit, it looks totally like pink or like orange.  You are trying to hit a very small sweet spot.

I recommend for the idye poly to use pink and yellow.  The red is not going to work for you I don't think.  It is too deep.  You need a pastel shade. 

I can't give you a direct formula.  You are going to have to mix yellow with the pink until you get there.  This is a hard color like a teal to mix.  It has to be exact.  

My advice is to try and mix it, and then test it as you go.  How do you test something that needs to be boiled quickly?  You can dissolve the dye in acetone(clear nail polish remover) don't use colored acetone like they have places because you want a look at the color.  It should be pretty true on paper at that point, and you will get a good idea of how it will turn out.

Now, 14 grams are in a packet.  That will dye 3 lbs of material.  You are dyeing a pastel color.  In my experience Coral is 1/10 the strength of a bright color.  So you only need 1.4 or even maybe 1 gram of powder.  That isn't much, so 2 packs should give you enough material to experiment.  That is about 1/4 of teaspoon.  A teaspoon is ~ 5 grams.  

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thank you so much!
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