juliette_faraco juliette_faraco
I am really getting into tie dying with my kids, and we have explored lots of folds/twists and color combinations. However, we can not figure out how one of the shirts on the Jaquard Tie Dye kit box was folded.
It is the 10th picture of 12 on the box- on the 4th row-second one in. The effect is two interlocked spirals- with a sort of snaky blue line going up the center of the shirt.
Can anybody explain to us how this shirt was folded and twisted? We've tried several times and we're stumped on this one. Even bought a video- but it only had simple folds. And looked at all we could find on YouTube. No clues on how to fold this one.
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Platypus25 Platypus25
When I was learning how to do the basic patterns for tie dye, I looked on YouTube. There's a collection of clear, well illustrated techniques shown by an expert fiber artist with the expertvillage group. He shows lots of different techniques including horizontal fold patterns, vertical patterns, and single and double spirals. Just search for "How to Tie Dye" and "Double Spiral". This will be a very good start for your experimentations!
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