Hi, I was commenting on a "share your work" post last night and when I tried to reply, I couldn't find a way to reply/comment. I find it very confusing to use this forum.  I've been able to comment and reply in the past so what's different? It isn't very clear how to show your work or to make a new post. I didn't think I was dumb but I feel kind of stupid when I try to figure this forum out. Do you have a page that explains how to post, comment on a thread- basically a guide on how to use this forum correctly? Is it just me? I'm not a newbie to this type of platform and I've never had this much trouble on any of them. Thanks for your help.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hmm that sounds strange.  It is usually just type in the box below the post.  You can hit the quote button as well.  I wonder if you weren't signed in at the time?  What other features are problematic?  We updated the entire forum not long ago.  I think this one is 1 million times better.  We couldn't even post photos before!
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@Mossmilldesign Thanks for reaching out - I checked your account and am not seeing any restrictions that would prevent you from access to replying to posts, or adding new topics... it sounds very likely that you were somehow logged out of your account (or had a corrupted login session). This can happen for several reasons: conflict in cookies retained from past site browsing, old browsing history conflicting with current site actions, etc. The best way to ensure this isn't an issue is to open a browser window (to a different page, not the Forum page), go into your settings and clear your browser cache, browsing history and cookies, close your browser, then re-open and navigate back to the forum and log back in (you can set your browser settings to auto-clear cache and cookies at close, just check Google for steps specific to your browser of choice).

Our new forum is pretty user friendly by design - when successfully logged in, you should see a "reply" button on any post/topic you are viewing, as well as a "new topic" button when browsing any category. Adding images to your post should be as simple as clicking the paper clip icon in the post editor prior to clicking the "post" button. If you're not seeing these options, my suspicion is that you're not logged in. If after performing these clearing steps you still find you're experiencing access issues, please feel free to DM me directly and I'd be happy troubleshoot these with you!  🙂 Tanya
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