jenrube jenrube
Hi! I have a set of these at home (without instructions) and I wondered how to properly use these on my cardstock for cardmaking purposes? Do I mix them with water and then paint the cards? If so, how much water do I use and how can I seal the finished product so that it is protected from smudging and rubbing off?

ANY input is much appreciated!
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Asher Asher
PearlEx is an inert powdered pigment. It has no binding properties on its own. It must therefore be incorporated into some type of binding medium for permanence. You can mix it with practically any visocous medium to achieve a pearlescent/metallic effect: colorless extenders, acrylic gel mediums, gum arabic, water colors, oil paints, wax, empossing powder, glue, varnish, resin.. you name it! You just need SOMETHING to hold it down. Water alone won't do the trick...although water with some gum arabic works great! Here are some ideas to get you started:
Good luck!
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