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I am in need of a quick answer for a client. He wants to dye – from their current color of white to the color he wants, black - approximately 80 twin size mattress pads (cotton or cotton/poly blend) and 65 twin sheet SETS – 1 flat, 1 fitted, 1 pillow case.

He’s tried using Rit Dye to turn the sheets a denim blue color, but didn’t have very good luck - it barely turned a few shades darker than white. I’ve told him that I’ve had much better luck with the iDye and iDye Poly products so we want to identify the best (best = most cost effective / easiest to do) course of action from the following options (the first of which has some associated questions):


Dye all sheets and mattress pads using both iDye and iDye Poly to capture the natural / synthetic blend.


a. What method of immersion dyeing / heat setting would work best to handle such large items? I assume it would be best to dye each sheet on its own, with the possibility of grouping a few pillowcases together in a single dyebath. The key thing we want is to ensure the dye takes evenly so I would appreciate any details or suggestions you have, no matter how small!!

b. How many packets of dye would you recommend using for each twin sheet – I’m thinking it would be 3-4)?

c. How many packets of dye would you recommend using for each twin mattress pad (my guess: 5-6)?

d. Does Jacquard sell larger “packets / bottles” or offer volume pricing? What are the requirements to get this pricing?


Purchase new black sheets and mattress pads (the latter of which is proving very challenging to find - maybe someone out there knows where one can find those?).


Find an outside service provider who offers a reasonable price and quick turnaround to handle the project. Do you know anyone who provides this service? I would appreciate any guidance you could provide as my client wants to know this information as quickly as possible – I’m not sure if it would be better to contact Jacquard directly? I have so many questions!!

Thanks in advance for your help, and I definitely appreciate any responses and suggestions you have!
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I'm sure you don't have a cooking pot large enough for even one cotton/poly mattress pad, but polyester won't take the iDye Poly at temperatures much below boiling, so washing machine dyeing to an intense color will not be possible for the blend. Insist that he buy only 100% cotton, or refuse to do the dyeing. If you dye 100% cotton sheets, use Procion MX dye in the washing machine.

Metro dyeing service is the only commercial dyer I know who will dye white polyester. See my page [URL=http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/find_a_custom_dyer.shtml][U]Where can I find someone to dye my clothing for me?[/U][/URL] for contact information. Find out their charges per piece before committing to this route.

Note that even 100% cotton sheets can be difficult to dye the deepest and darkest colors, as the formaldehyde resins and other finishes tend to repel dye a little bit. Old worn sheets dye the best. The only source I know for resin-free sheets is Vermont Country Store, and they're not inexpensive; in addition, of course, they tend to wrinkle more.

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BCubed BCubed
Thank you - I'll definitely pass this along to him! I know it will help us determine next steps. :]

The link is also very appreciated. Have a great day!

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