decadurabolin decadurabolin
I'm a beginner, so i have to introduce myself. My name in Andrei, from Romania.

I am a noob in screen printing. My first encounter in this field was a few years ago, when i decided to print something in my favorite shirt. Of course, the process was a complete disaster.

Now, my big problem is that i am trying to print something on some A4 plastic sheets using Jacquard colours ( white # 118, JSI 1118 ) and the problem is that i cannot clean up my screen print using only soup and water. Some of the paint allways remains on the screen print.

Any ideas? I allways try to cleean the screen print imediatly after i use it.

Thanks, Andrei.
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richard76 richard76
Hello There. I'm new to this site and it's my honor to be here. I'm interested with your concern and here's my share of it.

After use, swipe the ink off your screen, and put it into a catchall,

Take your screen right away, and take it to a shower or a tub, or a big wash bin

Start using hot water, and just rinse it off really good

If you want to be thorough about this, take a brush and maybe even some soapy water and scrub it a bit, if the ink doesn't seem to be coming out of your screen.

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dazarooney dazarooney
Great advice Richard, that's exactly what I would do.
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