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My sister was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. She is going through chemo now and very sick. My family is creating a quilt, and we are all making an 8" x 8" square. My delema is, that I'm not that creative, I don't have a sewing machine, or the time to hand sew. So just looking for easy, beautiful ideas that are no-sew. I saw a kit online that was like stained glass of a butterfly, but it was a 12"x12", and too big. I went to Michal's and Hobby Lobby and got some fabric paint, Muslin material, transfer paper and a stencil....any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I have to get it done by Sunday (tomorrow, 6/6) and send to Colorado to be included in the quilt. I was thinking of doing a theme of 'Remember When...." and just listing 5 lines of things we did together, and the last line being "Remember When....We beat this together?"

Any ideas would me most helpful!!!

Thank you,
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jeanhudson jeanhudson
So sorry to hear about your sister. Did you come up with something for this project? If you still have time to consider a quilt project, you can try posting your idea on places like this [url=""]fabric forum[/url] where the moderators are connected to the quilting blogosphere. They can help get the word out.

A forum format whether here or somewhere else would allow you to centralize coordination of activities. I think the quilting bloggers out there would to join in on a worthy project like this.
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