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I want to redye some clothing the same colour in the washing machine, so faded black back to jet black etc. All the clothes are 80% Cotton 20% Poly, I've been told by a professional that since I want to redye the same colour I should not need a poly dye , since these fibres probably haven't discoloured it'll be the cotton that needs recolouring.

I have 2 general queries:

-I have a 60C (140F) and 90C (194F near boiling) setting on my washing machine.

The instructions tell me I should set my machine to the highest possible temperature setting, this concerns me for a few reasons 1) It was originally by washing these clothes in a warmer wash that I mistankingly faded them 2) The hot wash could possibly discolour the polyester fibers which I am not redying. 3) At the highest temperature I may shrink my clothes.

-My final concern is colour fastness, I understand that this method of dyeing is not very colour fast, will these clothes bleed in the rain? Is there a way to make the colour bond solidly?

Some of these clothes are my exercise clothes so I will be sweating into them a lot!

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Well after further reading I believe I will in fact require a Procion MX type dye.

I have 2.6kg of black cotton and 1.3kg of Navy. How much dye will I need and anyone have any ideas how I can go about doing it?


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Hello Joe,

Thanks for writing in.
Either the Procion MX or iDye are good choices for your project.
Because you are overdyeing your clothing the measurements for the amount of dye aren't crucial. Here are some general guidelines - you'll double this amount for dyeing in the washing machine:
General amounts of dye, salt and soda ash per 3 gallons of water and one pound of fabric:
For very pale shades: ¼ to ½ teaspoon dye, 1½ cups salt, ¼ cup soda ash
For light shades: ½ to 1 teaspoon dye, 1½ cups salt, ¼ cup soda ash
For medium shades: 1 tablespoon dye, 1½ cups salt, ¼ cup soda ash
For darker shades: 2 tablespoons dye, 2 cups salt, ¼ cup soda ash
For darkest shades: 4 tablespoons dye, 3 cups salt, ¹/³ cup soda ash
I'd recommend the amount for the darkest shades.
I'd like to make a last pitch for the the iDye - this really is an easy-to-use dye for the project you are undertaking. Although we do recommend washing in cool water after the initial wash/rinse dyeing with hot water is necessary to ensure good fixing of the dye to the fibers and you'll get really good results.
I do (from personal experience) recommend dissolving the dye in a quart of very hot water and add that to the washing machine water and I also like to dissolve the salt before adding to the dye bath. Extending the dye bath time is a good idea, too. The other great thing - measuring how much dye you need. One packet for .9- 1.3kg.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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