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I would like to alter the color of a couple of linen items that I have, several are white linen-no problem with color there, but I also have a salmon pink dress with an over-printed design on it. I would like to change the color say to olive or purple. Do I need to run it through a color-removal process first? I have never tried dyeing fabric with iDye before. Will the final color be permanent? How do I get the best results.

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It is a good idea to remove any color from the piece you are dyeing first. This will eliminate the problem of trying to figure out which dye to mix with the base color to achieve the end color you are after.
iDye is permanent. You can use the liquid Dye Fixative, JID1300, for an extra added setting. (this is helpful with reds and purples - they tend to try to bleed a bit)
The best method to use for the deepest color results and most permanent setting of color is the stove top method as described on the inside of the iDye packet.
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