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Greetings, all!

I'm getting married this summer and am planning to make the bridesmaid dresses. I want them made of linen, but couldn't find the colors I wanted already made up (five bridesmaids, five colors that must coordinate). So I'm dyeing them. Totally new to fabric dyeing.

The first packets I grabbed in the store were the iDye brand, mainly because the packets are sooo pretty. :) Since then I've done a lot of experimenting with the colors and have them just about where I want them. The problem is, the colors I like were all done on the stove top. Any trial runs I've done in the washing machine come out looking like easter eggs (pastels are pretty, but not what I'm going for). I'm trying to figure out what the problem is--the dresses take 5 yards of fabric, and I don't think I can do that much fabric on my stove.

Is the water in my machine just not hot enough? Do I need to use more dye? How many packets should I use in one load? (the most I've used is two packets, and I couldn't tell a difference in the color from two and one packets). If heat is the issue, would I have more success boiling water on the stove in big pots and pouring that into the washing machine?

I really hate to switch to a different dye since I've already spent soooo much time and money on the iDye... but would another brand be more effective for my purpose?

Thank you!!
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