What colors would I use to dye nylon spandex (lycra) a periwinkle color?  I’m trying to get sort of a smoky purple/periwinkle color and have attached a picture of the color I like.  I plan to use white lycra, but can start with a color if necessary.  

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
For Spandex you can use iDye natural, but it is i not as good for lycra as Acid dyes which are prettier and more washfast.  


I suggest periwinkle if that is the color you want.  Above looks pretty dark.  If I were going to mix that color i would mix gunmetal grey(a dark navy) with the violet, which is one of my favorite colors.  Half and half should be good.  If you want it bluer a little more gunmetal, more violet add more violet.  You can test with paper towel.  Most acid dyes come out about the same color as the dye bath.  
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