detobias detobias
I know I’ve asked this before but I find the idye poly black has a blue tone when used in small ants to get a grey mottled look and a green tone when used for a rich black. 
Am I right to try a bit of orange and red respectively to counteract the blue and green tones?  
And if so, how would one know: opposites on the color wheel?
thanks as always. This forum is a great service. Dianne
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Yes exactly. Orange for the blue. Red for the green.

Totally correct about the color wheel.  you want to imagine where you color shows up on the color wheel or the undertone you want to eliminate.  Then what color shows up directly behind it.  

If you have a blue green, you want a reddish orange to cancel and deepen it out
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