Gallimaufry Gallimaufry
I was delighted with the results I had from testing the orange and red Idye Poly 1/2oz (14g) packets today. No one at the theater anticipated getting such vibrant color into 100% polyester.
I am now ready to move on to 30 yard pieces for the final project and plan to use the Idye Poly bulk dyes. The packets (1/2 oz.) say they will dye 2-3 lbs of fabric and did so admirably. My question concerns the website's instructions for dyeing 100% poly with the bulk Idye Poly as it says to use 3-5% dye to weight of fabric, while the packets were only 1-1.5% of the fabric weight. In both cases I would use the color intensifier, but I am trying to set up an order for the bulk dyes for 60 lbs of fabric and am not sure how much dye (and intensifier) to order.
Is the bulk dye somehow different than the packets, or is this old information on the website?
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JennyR JennyR
All polyesters are different, so how much dye to use could be different for each one. The recommendation for using 3-5% is the safe load to achieve a deep color. However, if you achieved the desired color at 1% and are going to use the same fabric, then they should stick to the 1-1.5%.

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