curtsc curtsc
Hi, I would like to use idye poly to dye a white flower girl dress the ecru color. But they don't sell idye poly in the ecru color. Any suggestions?
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Jacq Jacq
Has anybody able to answer the op's question? I also have some white polyester lace and I want to dye it ecru/cream/ivory- some sort of off white colour. I am interested in using the idye poly range of products but unfortunately there is currently no ecru colour. Can you suggest a recipe which I can make using the idye poly dyes to achieve this or an alternative type of dye. Many thanks in anticipation.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Jacq,

Advising as to specific colors is always a bit of a gamble as we all have our own ideas of what a color is.
However, using the definitions found here:, as a starting point, and shooting for an ecru, you might want to consider using a very dilute mix of the iDye Poly #447 Yellow or #455 Golden Yellow with a smidgen of #462 Silver Grey.
You'll definitely need to do some testing, but with attention to the quantities of each color used each time you should be able to get close to what you want.
Cream or ivory would take different combos, and might be easier to achieve by simply using a very, very dilute yellow.

Hope this helps,
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