Hi! I bought some iDye Poly (Red, JID 1449; Green, JID 1452; Yellow, JID 1447; and Black, JID 1454) intending to use it with Darice brand pom-poms, which I've subsequently found out are reputedly "acrylic," according to Darice's Website (there is no indication of what they're made of on their packaging). I haven't opened any of it yet: how will iDye do on acrylic? Also, I read in the FAQ that the dye solution will last indefinitely, though I will (obviously) need to reheat it--is it ok to store it in plastic bottles, or is glass preferred? Thanks!

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The acrylic should dye very nicely with the Idye poly. We have found it will even dye acrylic paints and screen inks! You should be just fine storing it in plastic bottles, but keep in mind the bottles may be dyed themselves as the dye has an affinity for plastic. They will not absorb all of the dye though.
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