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I just tried to dye some thermoplastic material (cosplayflex) with the iDye Polyester Kelly Green. The water itself is dark green but the piece turned out dark purple.
The iDye Poly Golden Yellow worked just fine with the thermoplastic material, and I tried different temperatures but I just can't dye it green. I've also tried to add just a little bit of the Kelly Green (around 1/4) and 3/4 Golden Yellow but it still becomes purple.

Do you have any clue what I might have done wrong? Or if it's possible to use the other iDye Poly Green or Turquoise for the thermoplastic material?

Thank you very much for your help!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
First, I don't think you did anything wrong. It sounds like there is a chemical reaction going on with the plastic potentially. This is weird, but you can get very different results from various materials when you dye.

Right now I am checking up on the differences between the different greens are so that I can make a suggestion.

What color is the purple? Is it dark and greyish or is it more red? That is definitely an odd result. The first thing that springs to mind is to use the regular green, but it is a very dark mossy green.

I think I might mix regular yellow with Turquoise as that should give you a very good green half and half. The risk is that there is some sort of chemical reaction with blues.

I would love to test this myself. Do you have any more information on the plastic? There are many types of thermoplastic. If you knew the exact kind that could help us.
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