NomenMihiNon NomenMihiNon
I've seen people lament that the fur fabric known as Silky Furry Fleece is no longer available in the same color variety as before. They mention green, orange, purple, and the like, whereas it now only comes in black, brown, red, ivory, and white.

Well, I figured here is as good a place as any to announce my discovery, that, iDye Poly does indeed work on Furry Fleece (and I can only assume on other types of faux fur as well). :D I was worried that it might affect the texture, but once it dried, it was just the same as before...except a different color, of course. Not only that, but the dye took quite well. I dyed the ivory fleece with yellow and brown and got a rich golden color, and red dye likewise turned the brown fleece a dark auburn; you see, I thought it might make interesting doll hair, and I didn't wanna be limited to brunettes. ;)

It might be worth mentioning that I [I]didn't[/I] add the color-boost packet. However, I did boil it for a full hour (i.e. an hour from when the water first began to bubble), then washed it with Woolite Dark. I also air dried it over the shower curtain rod with the bathroom space heater on full, rather than throwing it in the dryer.

So whether you have a beige faux fur coat that you wish were brown, or you've always wanted to make your child a purple teddy bear... :p
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Rubygeode Rubygeode
The kind of dye in iDye poly was originally formulated for dyeing acetate, it also works on acrylic and nylon-- the color enhancer isn't needed for those fibers. Your fur may not actually be polyester.
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