Is there any ratio / conversion for making dye baths for non-fabric materials, such as Urethane or latex? I know Rit has a conversion table so was curious if Jacquard had something similar

Been using the iDye Polys with mixed results. For instance, I can't get the Pink to come out pink at all.. 1tsp Pink dye w/ 1cup of water comes out dark grey even when testing on cotton
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You can't dye Idye poly on cotton.  The color is not activated. That is the what it would look like if you just dumped the dry powder on the cotton.  It held up to washing? I am surprised.

Not sure the poly sticks to latex either, but Urethane should be fine.  Pink is too stong, it the color we get the most complaints about because there is just too much dye in there.  I would use it at less than 1% by weight of dye material.  

I think you could even go 1/2 or 1/4 of a percent. For most colors, 1% for solid objects is a good rule of thumb, whereas it is 4 for fabric.  So take the directions and divide by 4 to get the amounts you want.  
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