detobias detobias
any ideas on making a warm earthy taupe from idye poly? 
And a nice brown?  Your browns produce a deep gold for me, beautiful but not brown. Should I try red and green?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
You are right, the brown is too yellow in my opinion.  I would add about 10-15% violet to get a deeper richer brown.  

For taupe i would take that new brown I made and reduce it to ABOUT 2%.  You need almost no dye at all.  That means you need about a quarter of a gram for 1 lb of fabric.  That is almost nothing.  You are probably going to have to do a dilution.  

So to a pack of brown add 1.5 grams of violet which is just under a quarter teaspoon.  Then I would add that to a quart of hot water.  That should be enough to dye 3lbs a medium shade and 1lb a dark shade of brown.  You can also dissolve the violet in a quart as well and add 3.2 oz or 6.5 tablespoons of the violet to the brown packet and fill that up to total a quart of color.  

So what I would do here is take 6 teaspoons of that quart put it in another quart container and make a new quart of dye.  That should be enough to dye 1lbs of fabric taupe or 3 pounds a light taupe.  I believe if you get the first color right the 2nd one should be great.  Tweak as necessary.  You may need slightly less or more violet.  
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