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Hi all..
question 1: At 7000 feet above sea level a "rolling boil" will not be as hot. Should I get a candy thermometer to get to 212 for the Idye poly to work best?
question 2: Anybody try Idye poly with rubbing alcohol (room temp) instead of water for dyeing plastics (polycarbonate). This is my theory for a solvent based dye. Don't want to go the old acetone/old formula rit dye from yoyo forums solution, as acetone is more of a hazard than the rubbing alcohol. I figure any non-polar solvent should work, but will the Idye poly dissolve?
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Dear Parras,

Yes, using a candy thermometer to get to 212 is a good idea.
As for your theory regarding rubbing alcohol, i don't think that is going to work. The iDye Poly needs the higher temps to be affective. Having said that, I have not tried this so if you are willing to experiment and let us know that would be great!

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