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I did a simple t-shirt iDye dying project back in January 2009 and the color is still bleeding out of the t-shirts. Used 100% cotton white T's that I pre-washed and thoroughly rinsed before the dying.

I followed the directions according to the package or website, and expected it to bleed maybe thru the first few washings, but yesterday (being 5 months & about 20+ washes later) my iDye'd T's are still loosing color.

Have also tried to color fix it a second time via a cup of salt to 8 cups of boiling hot water. The water turn the color as the T bleed out more color.

So how do I stop the iDye color bleeding???
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A wash with Jacquard's Dye Fixative (JAC1300) will stop the bleeding. If you can't find it locally give us a call here at customer service. 800.442.0544

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