msmaj msmaj
May be a silly question, but can you put t-shirts that have been scrunched and rubber banded into a washing machine to tie dye with the iDye packets? Or will the rubber bands come off in the wash? Should I do the stove top method instead...doing 2 whole 5th grade classes of shirts...planned on going to laundry mat for convenience and time, but now I'm thinking that the rubber bands may come off in the wash...
Please help :-)
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JennyR JennyR
If you are looking to tie dye natural fiber garments, then the Procion MX dyes are really the best dyes to use. You can do a one color tie dye method with the iDye by binding and immersing the garments into a dyebath. The rubberbands may come off in the washing machine and the iDye works best using the stove top method, so doing it on the stove top would be better than the washing machine.

However as I mentioned, the best results would come from using Procion MX dyes instead and you wouldn't have to worry about simmering the garments on the stove.

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