erink erink
Are the dyes in iDye packets comparable to the acid dyes? I have a friend who recommended the acid dyes (for 100% silk) but I could only find iDye at the shop.... I am planning to do the stovetop method.

Speaking of stovetop immersion dying, it uses pretty hot water. Do I need to prewash the fabric in hot water before cutting it (I only need to dye 4 or 5 yards) because it will shrink in the dying process? I am using fuji broadcloth from Silk Connection.

Hope you can help. Thanks!
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kashala kashala
Hi! I just bought iDye to dye some wool rug yarn. Will this dye work and be colorfast for wool? My hot water cycle on my machine only has cold rinse. Hummm. Will the dye take in cold water?
I went down to put the yarn in my washer and had second thoughts so here I am ready to go but not sure what to do. Help???
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi! and Yikes!

[b][color=Blue]erink[/color][/b], first - sorry we are just now getting an answer posted to you!!!
and in the hopes that it's not too late to be of any assistance. The [url=""]iDye[/url] works just fine for silk (although it is not an [url=""]Acid Dye[/url], but is a Direct Dye). It's not a bad idea to prewash the silk to account for the shrinkage that could happen in the dye bath.

[color=Blue][b]kashala[/b][/color], in answer to your wool question - you will be better served by using the stove top method with the [url=""]iDye[/url]. The trick is to very slowly raise the temperature of the dye bath with the fiber in the pot and then allow the fiber to cool slowly as well. Also, gentle stirring is important.
That being said - you will be even better served by using the [url=""]Acid Dye[/url] for your wool. Wool much prefers the [url=""]Acid Dyes[/url] to the[url=""] iDye[/url] and so you will get much better depth of color with an [url=""]Acid Dye[/url].

Happy Dyeing All!
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