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I'm dying a 60% polyester/40% cotton sofa slipcover. I already tried using Rit dye, with very little result. I want my next attemtp to be successful, but I have so many questions! Honest, I've tried to find answers to my questions, but some remain...

1) Do I HAVE to use a mix of iDye and iDye Poly, or can I use all iDye Poly (which I purchased before I realized it was a blend)?

2) The directions say use stovetop method with blends, but am I likely to be successful using the washer instead? I have a pot large enough to HOLD the slipcover, but there won't be much room to move around. Doesn't the uniformity of color depend on the fabric being constantly agitated? Also, I worry about overflow onto the stovetop as it boils. (If I watch the pot to keep the boil low enough, will it even boil? : )

3) Would I need to add salt and/or vinegar?

4) Do I need to remove the little bit of Rit color that took before my next (final!) attempt?

I'm grateful for any help I can get!

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Hi Lily,

If you want a dark, deep color you will want to use both iDye and iDye Poly.
Using the stovetop method really is necessary with the iDye Poly. Otherwise the dye will not fix to the fabric.
If you decide to use the iDye for natural fibers use salt.
It is not absolutely necessary to remove the existing color, however, keep in mind that color will affect your final results.

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