Nikkimorse Nikkimorse
Hi all --

I want a pink and orange wedding dress. After lots of exploration I decided to buy a dress and paint it. The dress is organza on top of satin. I'd narrowed down to angelus mixed with 2-thin and gac900, applied with a preval sprayer. I went with leather paint so I didn't need to wash it, and because it didn't bleed through the organza as unevenly. The hand is fine. But I've realized the Pink options aren't right.

Question - do I try mixing? Or try dye-na-flow, which I haven't tried and seems to have a great color. If I do, do I have to heat set it? I can't wash the dress.


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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Nikki,

Not quite sure what you mean by mixing. However, Dye-Na-Flow is an excellent option for what you are describing.

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ElizabethGilbert ElizabethGilbert
I think painting would be a better option than dying, the dye could cause damage to your gown fabric, my friend who got married last year in Florida painted her wedding dress and it turned out very well. The best thing is that you can even wash it afterwards. So you can try this method instead of dying.
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Rachelv42392 Rachelv42392
Elizabeth. Did your friends dress turn out stiff and not as naturally flowy as it once was? I have a dry clean only dress I want to dye so regular dyeing isnt a good option for me.
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