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Thank you Annette....I'm pretty fond of those as well.

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Hi Guys,

Here another one i did today- immersion bath - but i wanted a deep blue- the dye said Navy blue- i used about 12 heaping teaspoons soda ash and about 10 (one half) teaspoons of dye- so i guess thats 5 teaspoons in 2.3 litres of water and left it in for 2 hours- then washed it very well in water cold first for the first few times and hot boiling water after about twice- it dried and i took this picture.

Did i just use less dye in general? These arent Jacquard dyes though...

I like this color too as it works fine for this particular design-

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Hi Cavy,

Great pattern - love the blocked squares on the body and arms!
In general, all your measurements sound right for good deep color (based on our product). Probably a good idea to check the instructions for the specific manufacturer of the Procion you are using - not all are equal!

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Hi Annette,

Thank you- Ill ask the dye supplier -

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