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I bought some white Ektorp slipcovers from IKEA (a sofa cover that weighs 14lbs and a loveseat cover that weighs 12lbs) with the hope of dyeing them grey. I bought 10 packets of Gunmetal Natural iDye and used 2 packets for the loveseat cushion covers using the Front Loading Washing instructions on this website. The color came out more like a dark rinsed denim than grey, but it was nice, so I did the main loveseat cover, also with 2 packets. Everything matched, looked great. Did the sofa main cover with 3 packets, same method, but they came out lighter and with splotches. Repeated with the sofa cushion covers, also lighter than the loveseat, also with splotches. My guess is that it was too much fabric at once? Any recommendations on how I can redye to lose the splotches and get a closer color to my successful loveseat??
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Hi There!

There are a couple of things I can recommend to help get your sofa covers closer to the love seat results. First, it will be necessary to remove the dye from the sofa covers - if you were to simply overdye the splotches would only get darker in relation to the rest of the fabric. The iDye color remover is what I would recommend for this. However, it works best at very high temperatures so removing the color from 14 pounds of fabric may be a bit tricky. I doubt you'll find a pot large enough to hold the fabric in order to use the stove top method so you'll want to use the hottest water possible in your machine. Pre-dissolve the color remover and add it to the washer with the fabric.
Once you have removed the color redye with an additional packet of the Gunmetal. Again, I recommend pre-dissolving the dye and adding it to the washer with the fabric. Pre-dissolving will help to reduce the possibility of splotching.
Hope this helps and if you have any further questions please feel free to call us at 800 442 0445.

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