railhead railhead
Hey all

I build guitar effect pedals, and I paint them with a mix of enamel spray paint for the base coat, then custom artwork is done on top of that with acrylic paints. I'm wanting to try using "real" screen ink for labels, etc. -- rather than just using acrylic -- but I'm not sure which ink I should be using.

If I understand correctly, I *think* I need to use "Jacquard Professional Screen Inks" -- but I want to confirm which ink will work best on top of enamel and acrylic.

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Both Versatex and the professional inks are acrylic inks that are waterbased. The professional inks will work best for your purposes as long as they are applied on top of any waterbased mediums/surfaces such as acrylics etc. If the enamel is spirit/petroleum based it will notr work.
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