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I have been using Dryad "silk paint" (they look and behave like ink/dye, not paint) and Karbon Lavir art inks to make abstract artwork on paper, card and even foil backed toilet roll! I use the ink/dye/paint neat (everything i have used in the passed is in ready made liquid form) with household bleach to affect the colour. Everything is fine except both the companies are no longer trading. The dryad's are the best, really really deep powerful rich colours that are ALL very receptive to bleach. I have never used any kind of fixative or heat/steam to finish anything. I only heard about "discharge" dyes a few days ago, i suppose it's sort of what i am doing but i'm not sure actual discharge dye/paste is what i need. I have purchased (wasted money) lots of bottles of artist ink, most of which have proven to be bleach proof, and other have only partial reactions or only some colours do something! I really have only looked into fabric products because the Dryad's are "silk paints", i don't know much about the industry, i just want to find a replacement for the Dryads. If it helps i can tell you what the label says:

Dryad Silk Paints,
P625A Red 009
Intermixable colours,
Non toxic,
Use with fixer (p628) and resist (p626)
Made in West Germany,

Now i know nothing else as these were given to me as a sort of gift, they didn't get used so i got them. I don't know if any of the info means anything to anybody here, do they sound like an acid dye or another type?. It means nothing to me as (from what i learned) i can't use a fixative process as i am unable to wash it out. I usually varnish the end result as it makes the colours even deeper. I thought about procion mx and then "green label" aaannd then "red label" Jacquard dyes because the sounded good, but now i'm tired and confused by it all. Can anyone help me?

Anyway i have rabbited on to long already, but any questions or pictures of the bottles or whatnot i can help you, help me is no problem.

Cheers, Justin (great forum by the way, i take it PBirch is a dye God?)
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