gc034 gc034
I got a pretty interesting looking shirt by very lightly sprinkling powdered dye directly on the shirt. Anyone else ever try this?
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pburch pburch
I've done that, but you do have to be careful not to breathe the dye powder, nor to let it float around in your house.

Sprinkling dry dye powder is best done out-of-doors while wearing a respirator. Procion MX dyes are not very toxic, but breathing the dye powder can cause allergic reactions, which can cause asthma. Once you develop an allergy to Procion MX dye, you'll never be able to use it again, so it's best to avoid developing allergies in the first place by being careful.

I used plastic salt shakers with selable tops, and mixed the dye powders with salt as a diluant, to make it easier to sprinkle the amount I wanted. When I sprinkled mixed dye colors this way, some of the colors came out before other colors, due to different particle sizes.

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