Moose Moose
I want to use iDye Poly to dye white electrical cable a Yellow Ochre color for a PC sleeving project and wondered if it was possible to determine the color mix I need from an RGB definition of the color (222,133,12).
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Moose,

Sorry, that's not a determination we can provide.

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LadyInRed LadyInRed
Hi Annette, I'm looking too yellow ochre dye for curtains.
I am living at Canada (Montreal) and itt will very nice if you can sale this colour!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Ok, so I will give this a shot. As always color suggestions are at your own risk. You can always test these before you add your expensive fabric, so as always dye at your own risk. You should be able to get a yellow ochre by adding the golden yellow and using the full package as well as 1/8 of a package of brown. That will get you right there.
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