phantomstats phantomstats
Gosh, I stenciled on the cutest fawn on a sweatshirt and decided to do a little mushroom with Textile 107 Ruby Red. And the mushroom didn't really turn out, so I let it dry (forgot to iron it ugh) and sewed a little patch over it. Then when I put it in the wash, low and behold in several areas of my gray sweatshirt were tinted pink. Is there any type of soap or bleach that will remove this or make it even less noticeable?
Thanks in advance.
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Noelle Noelle
Oooohhh. Bummer! Unfortunately there really isn't anything we (at Jacquard) can recommend. Textile paints are pigments in acrylic binders, not dyes, and therefore will not really be affected by chemical treatments like color remover or bleach.

Sorry I don't have better news.

Another patch perhaps??

All the best,
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