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Dear Nee,

Thank you so much for sharing your results! I have had great success microwaving not only silk with Acid dyes, but also cottons with Procion MX.
I am going to throw out some cautions - as always it is a good idea to dedicate utensils to dyeing, including the microwave used for setting. Always make sure your fabrics are wet/damp. And most important, ALWAYS remain in the same room with the microwave during the setting. One small microwave fire has made me the Smoky Bear of the dye lab!

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I have also had great success using the microwave! But using the Jacquard green label dyes only and painting on wet silk with vinegar and water. I made sure the silks were dye set with and dried first, and not trusting that method alone went ahead and tried steam setting in the microwave. I rolled the silks in paper towels, making sure the paper towels were spritzed with water. I used lots of paper towels, two layers below, one layer on top, then rolled up not too tight and very carefully to avoid wrinkles. Then I rolled another layer of paper towels from end to end this time. I placed the silk package on top of an upside down glass loaf pan inside a glass oblong dish. I then placed another wad of paper towels on top of the silk package, loosely placed a small piece of aluminum foil (yes, that's right!) over the top, like a tent, and covered it tightly with plastic wrap. I set the microwave for 3 minutes, turning the dish around after the first three, and continued for another 3 minutes. BWAH LAH! Perfect. I got a few wrinkles that easily steam ironed out right after I took it out of the microwave. Yes, do watch your cooking time, I made a mistake and gave my package an additional 3 minutes (9 altogether) and Yikes!!! That one went into the trash. Oh well, LOL.
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