matojen matojen
can the Jacquard acid dyes be used for tie dyeing cotton t-shirts if used with the soda ash pre soak? This and the Dylon Permanent fabric dye are the only ones I can find locally, or should i just take the plunge and order up the procion mx , thanks --kim
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pburch pburch
No. Jacquard [URL=][U]Acid Dyes[/U][/URL] cannot be used for dyeing cotton. They are not designed to be able to stick to cotton, and will at most only stain it temporarily. [URL=][U]Soda Ash[/U][/URL] will not help any dye other the fiber reactive dye to stick to cotton.

You can use Jacquard Acid Dyes to tie-dye any fabric that acid dyes are suitable for. This includes wool, silk, and nylon. It will not work on cotton, polyester, acrylic, or any other non-animal-type fiber. If you do use Acid Dyes to tie-dye a protein-based fiber, you must immerse the fabric in hot, nearly boiling, dye, or else steam your dyed piece afterwards, to help set the dye. Again, this will not work on cotton, only on fibers for which acid dye is suitable.

Dylon Permanent fabric dye will work on cotton, and last well, too, since it contains good fiber reactive dye, but most tie-dyers complain about the colors available, since the colors in the Dylon lines are all premixed and are intended for use alone, not for color mixing. You will be much happier if you mail-order some Procion MX dye, such as the Jacquard Products Procion MX dye. You will also save a considerably amount of money on dye, if you purchase jars that are at least two ounces in size. Smaller containers of dye cost a lot more per garment. One packet of Dylon dye can dye up to half a pound of fabric, whereas one jar of Procion MX dye will color many pounds of fabric.

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PolyesterDyeTry PolyesterDyeTry
does the co. Jacquard make any dyes to allow one to
Tie Dye
I bought Jacquard Acid Dyes, since it seemed they dye NYLON, a synthetic, and I thought Polyester is nylon, it is for sure Synthetic, so will Jacq. Acid Dye create a permanent dye if I try to tie dye Polyester?
Trying to "tie dye" today's tech sports shirts, which say Polyester on their labels
Can I STEAM your Jacq. Acid Dyes into my Polyester shirts?
Thnx for
Hi from LA CA USA
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pburch pburch
Acid dyes do not work on polyester. Polyester is completely different from nylon. Polyester can be dyed only with [URL=][U]disperse dyes[/U][/URL], such as transfer dyes or Jacquard's iDye Poly. Save your acid dyes to use on nylon, silk, or wool.

Check out these related questions in the Hand Dyeing Q&A blog on my site:
[list][URL=][U]Is it possible to tie dye a 100% polyester running shirt?[/U][/URL] [/list]

[list][URL=][U]How to tie-dye a Snuggie[/U][/URL][/list]

[list][URL=][U]What is the easiest way to tie-dye a pair of 100% polyester fleece pants?[/U][/URL] [/list]
Tie-dyeing polyester is challenging. While it is not impossible, it's not really a job for the beginning dyer. Instead, you'll probably do better to imitate the effects of dye with a thin fabric paint, such as Dye-Na-Flow.

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PolyesterDyeTry PolyesterDyeTry
Thnx for your reply, I kinda found some of your info on Polyester just before you wrote, and will now check your other info,too
Also, your great site was a tremendous help when I started to dye one year ago after my mild heart attack( on a tennis court) & double Stents(2) surgery on 4/21/09
thnx for the great site and help;
-sometime I will send pix of some complex stuff I did last year and this, have had good rxn from the 'hood where I live, to Beverly Hills where I work part time
- - - have had nice comments from 3 generations of folks,all races, and at least 3 "genders"
I did dye Polyester with Dye Na Flow,
and am not sure if I have Fixed it, or if it will Fix, with heat or steam iron- it seems Fixed
Again You are Dye Master and I first read your site last year-
my second surgery this year apparently did not have me read in your Search Engine all the Polyester info- Steve
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pburch pburch
This spammer, "[URL=]angelababy[/URL]", is doing nothing but copying and pasting sentences from other people's posts, in this case lifting her entire post from my own post previous in the thread, in order to spam her "Wholesale Art Mall" in multiple places on this forum. It's plagiarism (since she doesn't attribute her quote in any way), and it adds nothing to the discussion.

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