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We have 3 or 4 paints, depending on how you count it, which are very soft when finished. They all require heat setting. Of course more you put on, the more you will feel them. If you use thin layers, it can even be difficult to tell it has been painted.

These are: Dye-na-flow
Textile colors
Airbrush paint
Versatex screen ink

There are different purposes for these 4, so you can decide which works for you.

Dye na flow: is supposed to simulate a dye on fabric. It has no body, is the consistency of water, and has extra vibrant transparent colors. This is like watercolor for fabric. It bleeds and spreads and the colors are super transparent and blend nicely with each other. These colors do not work well on dark fabrics because of their transparency. They have the softest touch, known as hand, of any of our paints because it sinks deep into the fabric.

Textile Color: This is our traditional fabric paint that has a normal acrylic body. It is creamy in consistency, semi-transparent so it can be used on slightly darker fabrics than Dye na flow, but doesn’t show up well on black. It is very soft to the touch. I would characterize it as hardly noticeable.

Airbrush Paint: This is meant to be sprayed, but it can definitely be painted with a brush. It is a consistency between textile and dye na flow. It is very light bodied, and the transparent colors are super soft like textile. The opaque colors have more of a feeling to them, but cover better than any of these other paints. The metallic are our softest metallic paints.

Versatex ink – This is the thickest consistency of any of our soft paints. It can be stamped stenciled and block printed. It has a heavy body, but it is as soft as any of the other paints once it has been washed and the thickeners have washed away. Some people thin this ink out and use it just like the textile colors. They have a very similar properties aside from the consistency.
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