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I had an idea to make my dome tent look more medieval by replacing the synthetic rainfly with one I will make from 100% linen and putting my coat of arms on the side.
I looked up how people make linen banners with dyenaflow and a resist but I'm not sure what the best method is in this case.

- Once the design is finished, I will need to waterproof over it of course, I guess this means only true dyes will work and not paint?
- The color in a given area should be very even and flat. Since the design will have some large areas without any detail, any variation in coverage will stand out and look bad.
- The details should have razor sharp edges, this seems to come down to which resist is used?
- A tent rainfly is huge and oddly shaped, with no way to get a uniform fold/roll so some dye setting methods like steaming seem like they'd be difficult

Which products should I look at? and might it be more advisable to use wool instead of linen?
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Hi Zolcos,

With what you are proposing here I would suggest you go with paints.
Dye-Na-Flow will give you nice transparent colors that flow well and I would recommend the water based resist with that. You'd probably also want to use the AirFix with the paints to ensure good fixation and eliminate the need to heat set.
You will want to work the piece so that you are always working to a wet edge to avoid streaking. I'd also recommend a bit of practice if you've never painted with the Dye-Na-Flow.
Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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