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Hi everyone,

I have been using ProChem's Liquid Reactive dyes for quite a few years, but recently started using the Jacquard Green Label dyes. I am a professional artist who sells paintings on silk, and worry about the longevity of any dyes...I want them to last under glass like an oil painting (okay - I admit it might not last THAT long!). I steam the silk after having hand-painted the dye on. I love the clarity and crispness of the Jacquard Green Label colors (maybe I should look into the more concentrated versions?), and the ease of rinsing and washing ("neutralizing" the Liquid Reactive dyes in vinegar is beginning to drive me crazy!). Sorry if I rambled, but can someone answer to the question of the longevity of the Green Label? Thanks so much. Glad to be here in good company.
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Victoria Victoria
Hi there !
Green Label is archival in museum type conditions. It’s only issue is UV light. In museum conditions, this is no longer an issue and will last for years and years to come.
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