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I'd like to dye white linen a light grey. Can I use the grey idye and just ues less dye and get an even lighter shade?
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Yes, that can work. If possible you should do a test first - just to get a handle on how the linen is going to take the dye (with joy and ease or reluctantly and grudgingly) and to double check that this is going to be the grey you want.
If testing is not possible then I suggest starting with a very small portion of the dye. Depending on your definition of 'light' you might want to start with a 1/8 portion. The easiest way to measure out portions is to dissolve the entire packet in a quart of very hot water and then take portions from that. The dye liquor will last for quite a while (months) if stored in a cool area in an air tight jar.

hope this helps
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