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Hi there, I just discovered jacquard and hoping someone can help me. I am currently using Permaset water based screen inks to Lino Block print onto heavyweight organic cotton baby grows.

Unfortunately I'm getting absolutely rubbish coverage. Even though the ink is quite thick, it's not transferring from the lino onto the cotton properly. So I am left with hardly any ink on the cotton and it's all left on the lino.

I have tried different methods, but always the same result. the thicker I layer the ink onto the lino, the worse the result, because it then just squelches between the grooves and blurs the image even further.

Am I using the wrong kind of ink? Or the wrong kind of lino? Maybe both?!

Can anyone help? Desperate to get a decent result so I can launch my brand asap!

Caroline x
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JennyR JennyR

I don't know much about that particular brand of paint, but both Jacquard Professional Screen Ink and our Versatex Printing Inks can be used for lino block printing. We did a quick in-house test and feel that the professional ink gave us the better print, but we know of many customers happily using Versatex in their lino printing. With either paint, you'll want to make sure to apply a good amount of pressure. Picking up a small jar of each to test is recommended since each paint will have different characteristics.

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