I'm interested in using your products specifically the cyanotype, but I spoke with some one who works in this process (not your products) and they stated that sheets pre-treated in cyano will fade quickly especially if the sun hits it. It is best to buy the chemicals and treat the fabric yourself. Is there a difference in the stability of the image between the cyano chemicals and the cyano mural sheets?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I can't imagine why this would be the case.  If there was acid of something in the surface?  Was there any other detail here?  We coat it essentially the same way you would at home, but with a machine.  We run it in the dark.  I can't imagine why it would fade.

Really cyanotypes can fade from lack of light, but usually brighten up again after exposure to UV.  They can also wash out with water if you soak them too long, but otherwise they are pretty stable.  

There are cyanotypes from the mid 1800's still around today.  
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