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My name is Karen Cherniack and I amlooking for someone who can do custom tie dye projects of t shirts and wraps. I live in Southern California so that area would be preferred if at all possible but if not it may still work out. I am also looking for someone who does stamping and airbrushing of t shirts as well.

Please let me know if this is you!

Thanks so much!

Karen Cherniack
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deb deb
Well.... I don't live anywhere near CA, and I haven't (yet) done stamping or airbrushing, but I have done some custom tie-dyeing - only tees and tanks so far for the custom work - but I'd be happy to hear more if you're interested.

[email=""][/email] or to see the stuff I've done


Edited to add: Checked out the Rebel Rock page - looks like some fun stuff there!
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