MisterKevster MisterKevster
Hello....newby here in the UK...hoping for some advice!!

Looking to dye a single armchair loose covers.....fabric is 95% cotton.
Would hope to go from a pink....to a deep or a vibrant red...perhaps even a burgundy type colour?

Have contacted Dylon here in the UK....and surprisingly (to me at any rate!!) they came back with this reply:

"We do not recommend dyeing chair covers as they do have to conform to BSI Standards and this does mean that they are treated with a fire retardant. Fabrics with a special finish are not suitable for dyeing.
We are sorry but in this instance we are unable to offer a suitable product."

The armchair is a relatively 'well-made' (Marks & Spencer!!) item....no mention on the existing label about fire retardant properties, or treatments....so I'm a bit 'non-plussed'.... :(

If anyone has experience of dyeing this type of cover, it be happy to receive any suggestions or tips

Oh....and the overall dry weight is around 7.5 LBS

Many thanks!!

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It's a good idea to wash them first. I am not sure about fire retardant, and what the standards are in the UK, but I think people do this pretty regularly with no issue. No need to worry about the 5% that is not cotton. It probably will not dye, but such a small percentage won't be noticeable.

For a deep red the Crimson in Idye is very good. I like it and it is a very strong and deep color. I suggest the stove top directions as they will give you the best color. Sometimes using these darker colors in the washing machine it just doesn't get dark enough. If you want a more purpley burgundy I would use 1/10 a packet of bright blue or 1/4 packet of purple. You might reduce the amount you put in lower than that and bring it up. You can test the color with a paper towel before you add your fabric. It won't be exactly what comes out, but it will give you a good idea.

For a medium color on that much weight, you will want 3.5 to 4 packets total.

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