gardencandy gardencandy
I'll be taking delivery of some leather hiking boots I won for a song on ebay today. I'm excited to work my magic on the boots- hopefully with lumiere paints. Are these good paints for leather? Must I heat set them and if so, how? Should I somehow seal the paint when I'm done?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Lumiere is excellent on leather. It is flexible and pretty durable. If you are intending hiking in rough terrain with the boots sealing them and the paint may not be a bad idea though nothing will ultimately withstand harsh abrasion against rocks etc even the finish on the leather. There are many sealants for synthetic and natural fibers out there on the market just make sure that it will work on leather and acrylic. Lumiere is set with heat so if you can blast the paint with a hairdryer when wet that will help set it onto the leather. However even without this the paint should set up pretty well after several days.

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